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Puppies have various levels of needs when it comes to socialization, based on indvidual bloodlines, characteristics and the behavior patterns of their litter. Just as children are very different from one another and have individual needs, so it is with puppies. We feel that it is vitally important to ensure that each puppy gets exactly the type of socialization required to be successful for a long life ahead.

From our 35 years of experience, we are able to evaluate each puppy’s individual characteristics as early as birth. We then monitor their needs daily and adjust socialization accordingly.  

At Kimuktuk, our goal is to indidually socialize our puppies so that they have the ability to adapt well to many different social environments.

Here are some of the ways that we work to socialize our puppies:

  • Evaluation of character and individual personality from birth
  • Extensive handling and cuddling from birth
  • Introduction to different smells, sights and sounds
  • Exposure to puppies, dogs and other animals
  • Acclimation to weather and different climates
  • Exposure to outdoor and indoor living and activity
  • Introduction to water
  • Teaching to relieve themselves outdoors in a designated area