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Is it worth the risk buying your Husky from a poor quality or uneducated breeder because they cost less?price valueOur pricing varies.
Bloodlines, age, colors, availability etc. 

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Why is the cost for Husky puppies different from
breeder to breeder?

Is cost an important consideration?
Do you get what you pay for or who you buy from?
When you purchase a dog for life (10-17 years on average), what risks do you have? What are the odds for acquiring a good dog?

These are extremely important things to consider in order to lower risks and odds against problems with your new puppy/dog over time. Issues that could lead to very expensive health related veterinary care and continued visits, or behavior and trainability.

A quality Husky breeder is or has been involved with a variety of activity groups, winning awards, accomplishments, educational events and mentoring programs.

A quality Husky breeder is or has been involved over time with other quality breeders who follow proper protocols. They continue to advance their bloodlines for improved genetics, resulting in better health, intelligence, focus, trainability and conformation.
We’re sure you also want the very best in personality, character, and temperament!

A quality Husky breeder will provide a list of a comprehensive healthcare included with their breeding dogs and puppies. From the time of birth, an early vaccination program (4 weeks-up), early de-worming program (4 days-up), and broad parasite prevention should be included. Dew claws removed to prevent risk of tearing and ingrowing should be done within the first 3-5 days of birth.

A quality Husky breeder will provide a well rounded socialization program with their puppies and have them interact with other dogs and animals at a variety of ages.

A quality Husky breeder will be very cautious not to expose outside bacteria and virus to be brought in from unknown sources. This may be not allowing everyone to come into their facility who wants to come visit and play with puppies, or allowing unknown animals to potentially contaminate the area. Bacteria and viruses are very easily spread just by walking on the ground. It’s what you don’t see that can be lethal.

A quality Husky breeder will conduct and extensive interview with the potential new owner(s) to see if they have the ability to properly own, train and provide the home and lifestyle the individual needs. Dogs/puppies can be extremely different from one another therefore special consideration should be applied for each as one may fit very well where another may become very disastrous.

A quality Husky breeder will be there for future support in order to help answer question based off their well rounded experience and knowledge.

In many cases when people are out looking to purchase a lifetime pet they limit themselves to an “inexpensive price”, not thinking about what they be subject to and truly considering what they may be entering into. Anyone can gather a male and female, breed them and sell puppies in order to make a “Fast Dollar”.

Please refer to all of the information provided within the different tabs on our website that covers our practices.

*Deposit Policy
Deposits are taken in specifically to hold your spot in line order where we guarantee you a puppy and schedule a meeting for pick up. This is for the buyer’s protection so others do not have the opportunity to be ahead of you who have expressed interest or put down deposits after you. Deposits are applied to the purchase price.

If we are not able to provide a puppy for you, you would then be entitled to a refund.

Otherwise deposits are non refundable if the buyer decides to back out, or change their mind.