Here is an important article about feeding your dog.

We provide an extensive healthcare program, starting from birth, that often exceeds the standards of other breeders and has the ability to impact the quality and length of each dog’s life. This could also mean fewer costly trips to the veterinarian over the lifetime of your dog. We do encourage to carry health insurance due to the rising cost of veterinary care.

Every dog or puppy has had extensive healthcare before leaving us, including:

Dew Claws: Removed

PARVO: 4 weeks
5 WAY Multi Vaccinations: 6 weeks – 8 weeks – (continued if older)

Pyrantel Pamoate: 3 days – 4 weeks – 6 weeks – 8 weeks – (continued if older)

Parasite Program:
Broad Spectrum 4 weeks – 6 weeks – 8 weeks – (continued if older)

Spay/Neuter Agreement Required.
Breeding Dogs on an approved basis.