Our Process


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We take the needed time to make sure that every new home is the right fit.  We want every story to be “Happily Ever After”.

It’s a good thing for us to discuss the details. We go over history, differences in bloodlines, where the dogs come from, down to the individual character of each dog and puppy as they can at times differ extremely from one to another just like member in your own family!

We also provide future support after you bring your new puppy home if you ever have any questions. 

If you would like to be contacted to talk to us about our dogs (background, credentials, history) please provide some information here and we will get in touch very soon.


We have 35 years of experience, including:

  • Pet companions puppies from the very best K-TUK bloodlines
  • Champion bloodlines
  • Weight pull champions
  • Back country sled team adventuring
  • Professional mid and long distance sled dog racing winners
  • World record long distance travel
  • 3rd place in toughest sleddog race in the world
  • Lead dog training
  • Sled dog judging and Husky mentoring programs
  • Urban Mushing mentoring 

These unique experiences provides us the ability to share pertinent information to help you select the right dog for your home and lifestyle

Since we do not have a “Storefront”, in order keep our puppies, dogs, and kennel safe and healthy from outside
transmission of viruses, diseases and other vulnerabilities that come with having numerous people in and out along with many ” lookie-loos”. Our veterinarian’s, animal control, law enforcement and insurance, etc. advised us to offer other various means to make sure buyers are fully informed and acquainted so you can find that right fit and match to your home.


For years now we’ve had extraordinarily happy customers and have been able to make this possible through additional information, pictures, videos etc. which has been extremely successful before making your deposit and taking your new puppy home.

Thank you in advance!